Island of Hawai’i // January 2017 

It is always not until I completely immerse myself into what the natural world has to offer, that I realize how much of a hunger I have for it. It’s a bit hard to disconnect from the technological world these days, especially if your hustle requires you to be connected almost at all times. Regardless, it is vital to disconnect to reconnect. 

My fondest memories of the island was waking up every morning ecstatic like a child knowing I will get to swim in the aquamarine colored Ocean, the overwhelming landscapes that made up of eerie volcanic rocks that made you feel like you were on Mars, being completely saturated with the deep lush vegetation, and those sunsets over the oceanic abyss. The simple things. 

But I do have to finish with this… the simple things are significant in moderation; but in permanence it’s monotonous. 

Now, reporting back to the Nebula6000 - as there is more work to be done. xx

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